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CITY e-Help is operated by the Department of Psychology of CITY College, the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Everyone is eligible to use this service. All cases are treated with full anonymity.

Our team consists of well educated psychologists with extensive experience of counselling. All counsellors have been specifically trained in Internet counselling, and work under the constant supervision of experienced practitioners. (see counsellors' page).

All you have to do is write us an email explaining your problems and ask your questions. Your emails will be answered by postgraduate psychology students, specifically trained in online counselling, who will be constantly supervised by specialists.

The client receives a reply from the counsellor who specialises in topics related to the issue of concern in the letter. A sample of the CITY e-Help team's replies will be available online here.


Please note that no further personal contact is allowed between counsellor and client.

For more information about the CITY e-Help team, please click here.


Why consult CITY e-Help
Professionals in the area of mental health all over the world report an increase in young people under psychological stress every year. We realize we cannot stop this from happening, but we hope to be able to help sooth and decrease this stress. The Internet has become the most popular medium of communication between young people and e–Help. It has become a modern way of providing or receiving psychological help and support. It is easy to use, less stressful, easily accessible and economically suitable for everyone.
Advantages of receiving help through the web:


  • Peer support
  • Quick replies to your emails
  • Emotional comfort
  • Help and guidance in the comfort of your own home.
  • Anonymity - no personal data will be revealed on the site
  • Free of charge psychological help


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