Online Counselling Service



  1. Q: How can I contact you?
    A: As simple as sending an e-mail to the contact address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Q: Do you answer every letter?
    A: Yes, we answer every single letter we receive. Please note that this is a reason for the prolonged answering rate.
  3. Q: How long I have to wait for the answer?
    A: That depends on the quantity of letters received in the period. Every letter that is answered by counselors is also undergoing supervision. Time can take approximately about 2 weeks, but it can take more. Please, note that quality is our main concern.
  4. Q: Is this site only for adolescents?
    A: This site is aimed mostly for the age group from 13 to 30, but we are happy to help anybody who has concerns or problems and is willing to write to us. So, please, don’t hesitate to contact us, no meter of age.
  5. Q: Is this site aimed towards specific culture and ethnic background?
    A: No, this site is made for youth all over the world, who can write and understand English language, no matter of national, ethnic and cultural background. This site is in collaboration with Serbian Internet Counseling for Youth (Serbian) and also specialized for Greek youth (Greek).
  6. Q: Does anyone have access to my personal data?
    A: The principle of the site is that no personal data are submitted, so the data you are referring to do not even exist, that is the way by which we offer full anonymity. Not only nobody can access personal data, but the only data regarding your identity are the ones that you willingly disclose to the counselor which are also under the data protection act, so that if your letter is published to the site they will be changed to protect your anonymity.
  7. Q: Can I choose to which member of your team I wish to address my letter to?
    A: Yes you can choose the counselor you wish. All you have to do is specify the name of the counselor in a subject field of your e-mail.
  8. Q: What if my problem is really insignificant and small, should I write it anyway?
    A: There is no such thing as a small problem, you can write about everything that bothers you and we would be happy to help.
  9. Q: What if my problem is too serious and complicated, how could you possibly help me?
    A: If the problem you are facing is overwhelming and you feel that your capacity to deal with it is diminished, you need help. We can support your first steps on the way. By writing to us, you will articulate the problem, which is very helpful, and you can receive some feedback from the counselor, which may be of value to you. Also, if needed, we will provide you with the contact information you need in order to receive further help.
  10. Q: What kind of training do the members of your staff undergo?
    A: Counselors replying your letters are graduated students of psychology, or students of Master level which have obtained adequate training and are working under supervision of experienced practitioners.
  11. Q: Can I write more than once?
    A: The practice of our internet counseling is more in the lines of providing a simple but effective advise and not a continuous analysis, such as you would receive from visiting a therapist. But you may write as many times as you like regarding different problems, or aspects of the problem you feel have not been covered.
  12. Q: What kind of problems can I discuss with you?
    A: Mostly everything that seems to be a psychological issue, including those “hash hash” sexual matters, as long as you keep in mind that we cannot provide you with medical advise since we are not doctors of medicine.
  13. Q: What if I am in need of psychological therapy.
    A: In that case we will be able to support you in your first steps and guide you to an appropriate professional who will be able to provide the assistance which you may need.
  14. Q: Could I meet you in person?
    A: Our service is based on the principle of anonymity and the comfort it provides so we do wish to maintain that, if however you feel that you need a more “hands on” approach to your problem, we will be able to bring you in personal contact with someone who will assist you, even if he is not a member of our staff.
  15. Q: Does the principle of patient-therapist confidentiality apply to your website?
    A: Confidentiality is a main principle of psychotherapy which is also applied to e-counseling. There are just two cases of breaking confidentiality and these are, threat to life either your own or someone else’s. In the case of internet counseling however, anonymity is a guarantee of confidentiality even in the extreme cases mentioned above.
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